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DJ Mixes by Hardcore Math User (aka Orbr)

Jan 30, 2019

Here comes the 2nd installment of my Class of '93 mixtape series!

Made with tracks exclusively from 1993 and back, this 80 minute long journey through acid will be a great introduction to the roots if you're young, and a flashback-inducer if you're not.

Track list:
  1. Hardcore Math User - Shall I Tell You My Dream?
  2. GTO -...

Jan 28, 2019

While making this mix, I combed my archives for every rave, trance, breakbeat, jungle, and techno song I could find that was made on or before 1993 that I loved. I dropped them all in my laptop, pressed frappe, and out came this megamix of early 90s candy raver nostalgia. I hope you enjoy!

Track list:

  1. Utah Saints -...