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DJ Mixes by Hardcore Math User (aka Orbr)

Apr 20, 2019

Back once again for another old school collection. This time we’re going to the back of the crate for some heavyweight classics that will absolutely melt your face. Spanning the crucial '92 – '95 era, we let drum and bass legends Roni Size, Goldie, Bay B Kane, Andy C, and Aphrodite take us on the ultimate jungle...

Apr 8, 2019

What if a twitchy arcade monkey with a penchant for drum and bass hopped in a time machine dialed back to the mid-1990s after taking too much ketamine?

The result would be a slow-motion 8 bit journey through the jungles of England, with torchbearers Aphrodite, Photek, Dom & Roland, LTJ Bukem, and Goldie lighting the...

Apr 1, 2019

(Be sure to check out Artificial Skies Vol 2 here!)

So far the Class of ‘93 mixtape series has payed homage to those early rave genres we all know and love: hardcore breakbeat, techno, trance, jungle, acid. This time the focus shifts to ambient, a genre that enjoyed a brief spotlight in the early 90s, both in and out...